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Jun. 21st, 2008

Magic key.


Questions for Brendan...

The Honeycombs
Aditora's Gate
Epic dragons
--- Are all of those things one-room deals? Or should we make the out like cities?

I thought it'd be cool to have some of the desert cities underground to shield them from sandstorms and stuff. What do you think?

Apr. 10th, 2008

Magic key.


(no subject)

Note: Luke gave us maps.

Apr. 4th, 2008







tarot cards






melee weapons


And I'm doing potions too.

Apr. 1st, 2008

Magic key.


(no subject)

I'm gonna completely redo the website so that it looks more like moonprism.com but not TOO much like it.

Today I drew this: http://atablia.moonprism.com/girlthingy

It'll be for our banner. It will be pertinent though. Not like some totally random girl.

Also, Adam is logged on now.

Mar. 31st, 2008


Map of the world

Okay, the map is here:



The Appendix Of DOOOOM

This is an index of all the entries which have been posted in the community, for your viewing pleasure. It will be updated as time goes on, and I'll keep bumping it to the top.

Back Story:
Brief History of Luna - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/541.html
History of the Empire, Part 1 - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/840.html

Geography of Arkadia - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/840.html
Geography of Hitori - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/840.html
Geography of Aditora - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/840.html
Map of Atablia - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/2012.html

Index of Generics - http://community.livejournal.com/atablia/1297.html


Functional Generics List

This list will be updated whenever new details are necessary:

The four standards:
$note - Generic Note (Any readable object)

$thing - Generic Thing (Anything that can be held, passed around, dropped etcetera)

$container - Generic Container (non-wearable object that can contain other objects)

$room - Generic Room (A standard room)

Stuff I've added:
$clothing - Generic Clothing Item - Clothing items, which have a .wearlocation property. 0 is miscellaneous, 1 is head, 2 is torso, 3 is legs, 4 is hands and 5 is feet.

$tarot - Generic Tarot Deck - A miscellaneous object that draws tarot cards with the USE command. No particular in-game significance, just a neat toy.

$bow - Generic Bow - A generic ranged shooting weapon. Not finished.

$arrow - Generic Arrow - The ammunition for $bows. Not finished.

$food - Generic Food - Food which can be eaten. Has a .bites property for the amount of bites until it is all gone.

$drink - Generic Drink - Drinks which can be drank. Has a .sips property for the amount of sips until it is all gone. No alcohol YET.

$potion - Generic Potion - Potions which can be drank/quaffed. Has a whole mess of properties. Not finished.

$alchemical - Generic Alchemical Ingredient - Ingredients for the brewing of potions. Not finished. Will probably also be adapted into a generic crafting ingredient.

$lockpick - Generic Lockpick - Lockpicking tool used when picking a lock on a $container. Not finished.

$alliance - Generic Alliance - The weird and wonky (but promising) object-oriented alliance.

$cgp - Central Game Processor - The object which holds important game processes like keeping track of the in-game time and managing weather.


(no subject)

Version 1.0 Features:

All skills and the ability and facilities to train them.
Experience and levels system up to 50.
Ability point system for improving stats and skill competency.
Alchemy system with all 55 recipes.
Crafting system with recipes for all weapon/armor types in all materials except glass.
A fully-featured combat system:
Clothing affecting your defense
Archery with bows that can have arrows nocked to them, and shot from a distance and possibly into a different room. Shooting has accuracy calculations.
Special techniques for combat, like parrying, special weapon commands and magical weapons.
Magic system with all spells (amount is TBC)
NPCs with combat AI (monsters) who can:
Heal themselves or be healed
Target people with priorities (e.g. most powerful, least hp)
Use magic in a tactical manner
Die, and in doing so drop items (by chance) and give experience to people (and also distribute said experience to whole parties)
Use combat techniques in a tactical manner
Work together in groups, or at the very least support each other with magic
Respawn when they’re dead.
Attack other monsters depending on their allegiances.
All actions which involve calculations should have calculations. (duh)
HP and MP growth on leveling up works properly.
Player clan system with:
Communal bank accounts
Diplomatic relations with other clans
Ability to join and leave at will
Clan halls and facilities

Mar. 30th, 2008


(no subject)

Some history!

The Empire began as a confederation of tribes in the region where the Imperial capital is today. The tribal people of the area were united under one banner by the Caelia tribe by force; the instrument which enabled them to do this was red magic, which was believed to have been a gift from the Caelian god of war. The other tribes didn’t have access to the magic which the Caelians were quickly mastering, and it was not long before the Caelia tribe was the main power in the area. They formed the Kingdom of Caelia and proceeded to lay claim to most of the northern part of Arkadia. After spreading their people across the land and conquering any other tribes they encountered, they turned to the south, past the mountains.

They encountered the Samsaran Empire, a people far in advance of the Caelia. The king of Caelia approached the Samsarans peacefully and set up good relations with the Samsara, who shared with the Caelia the secrets of their advanced magic; this was when green, purple and blue magic was discovered by the Caelia, who began combining the new knowledge with red magic to create various pieces of machinery. Over the next few hundred years this secret technology included very powerful weapons of destruction and war; meanwhile, the Samsarans, the benefactors of the Kingdom of Caelia, remained blissfully unaware of these secret projects and even of the fact that they possessed red magic.

And some geography:

Arkadia is the homeland of all the major factions of the world. The Empire of the Three Suns was born here and in its golden age, it controlled the entire landmass. Its major geographic features are the Name mountain range in the centre of the continent, splitting the liberated territories of the former vassals of the Empire, the Republic of Samsara, and the Empire itself. The pass between these two countries has always been of strategic importance, and neither side controls it completely.

Another geographic feature is the swamp of Words Here, at the southeast tip and surrounded by mountains. It is a major source of alchemical ingredients, and is accompanied by Fort Pantano, the settlement and stronghold built by the Empire while it controlled the region to extract the rare flora which thrives in the swamp.

The vast forests at the southwest edge of the continent hide most of Arkadia’s remaining tribal peoples; rumour has it that they possess ancient and powerful magic which are imbued in the form of tattoos. The dark woods are uncharted, and very often explorers wind up dead; there are rumours of some kind of evil fairy kingdom hidden in the forest which does not take well to outsiders. No evidence, however, has been given to support this other than hearsay.

Hitori is a barren wasteland, the entire region being choked with the ash of the numerous volcanoes in the mountainous landmass. What little is known about the place is that it is the home of many dragons. Dragons are almost extinct in every other region of the planet, but they thrive in the lavatic land of Hitori. Everything else about the continent is purely conjecture; for example, it is believed by some that this is also the home of a king’s ransom in dragon’s treasure and undiscovered minerals.

Aditora is a mostly uncharted land of monsters and savages. The island, noted for its sickle-like shape, is almost entirely forested, to the point where an incredibly dense rainforest resides in its southern part. The continent is webbed with many rivers, none of which have been mapped out; the primal wilderness is anything but hospitable to humans, and any attempts to colonize it have been confined to the western tip of the island, where a small trading post has been set up in an attempt to acquire the unique bounty of the beastmen who reside in this place. What little interest the trading post has attracted has mostly been positive, much to the relief of the colonists, who have been able to sell off the interesting alchemical ingredients and materials for great profits.


Brief History of Luna

Luna is a bitter memory to the Empire, as its people are often held responsible for the decline of Imperial rule and the destruction of the Empire’s once-vast armies. Luna is inhabited by a rural population of humans, who are somehow different to the ordinary humans who dwell in Arkadia. Instead of requiring special training and modification to be able to do magic, the people of Luna are naturally able to cast spells. The women of Luna in particular are skilled with magic, and can perform a special technique known as ‘spellweaving’. Unlike most magicians, who train tirelessly to be able to cast a select few spells, the Lunar spellweavers are able to manipulate magic to do almost anything at a whim.

With these great powers the people of Luna could easily have formed a mighty empire, but they never did. Humanity’s usual evils do not come naturally to the Lunese, and they are often imagined as naïve to the very end, although this is not strictly true. As a naturally peaceful people at home with rural living they often live in small, quiet communities in villages, with no central government to speak of. Even the largest and most impressive Lunar settlement, Hazukah, is merely a small town by Imperial standards. As a result of their communal living it is rare that a village truly has the facilities to cope with outsiders; often services such as inns and stores are not provided by purpose-built buildings, as in the other countries, but in marketplaces and unused rooms in houses.

When their hands are forced, however, the Lunese fight to the last gasp, as their communal spirit gives them incredible esprit de corps. When the Empire waged war on them, the Lunese banded together to fight their common enemy, with both men and women playing their roles on the battlefield, women supporting the male soldiers with their powerful magics both defensive and offensive, and the men resorting to more traditional methods of combat. At the end of a bloody eighteen-year war the Empire had lost far too many soldiers and resources for what little they had gained; unsteady control over the eastern peninsula of Luna, and the occasional opportunity to sack a Lunar village or two. As most Lunar villages held someone who was able to bring their warriors back from the dead, an ability that at the time the Empire had no access to, it was very difficult to strike a decisive blow to the Lunese. After eighteen years the Empire decided to cut their losses and return to the mainland, and the world has left the Lunese alone for the most part ever since.

However, in recent years the Samsaran republic has made renewed attempts to form an alliance with the village heads of Lunar in an attempt to gain a powerful ‘secret weapon’ in the form of their spellweavers. For the most part, the Lunese have seen through their attempts to enlist them and refused diplomatic relations beyond a cordial trading agreement.

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